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Photographe de mariage boheme a toulouse bordeaux et Paris

Hamburg / Toulouse
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My name is Vanessa and live between France and Germany to tell stories of lovers and families.

The photoreportage anchored in my artistic approach, I immortalise the moments of life which will create the memories of tomorrow. Laughters, crazy ideas, tears of joy, dance steps are the engine of my creativity.

In a more personal approach, I studied the technique of self-portrait. This allowed me to question myself about the importance of the link between the photographer and the person photographed. This link is essential in order to capture a look, an expression, which will remind you of this moment, forever. Beauty is in the expression.

Beyond photography, I like beautiful encounters which allow me to offer wonderful stories. I also like discovering new places, the special light of autumn, nature, reading a book close to a chimney fire, growing plants from seed, strolling through the magnificent Nordic countries like Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland… I am sharing my life and wilds adventures with this amazing guy : Julien Jegat

You can follow my adventures in amazing landscape here, my daily life here, and of course my wedding picture here. .

I am also a family and portrait photographer, you can check my other universe here.

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