Sarah & Lee wedding at Chateau de la Cote in Bratôme Dordogne

Château de la Cote is an amazing place to celebrate a wedding. Surrounded by nature the castle is situated between Brantôme and Biras, a little place in heaven in Dordogne region.  I could even spent some days here just to enjoy nature and silence.

But I am not here totalk about relaxation ! So let me introduce you Sarah and Lee, they are an english couple from London and they really love France. They fell under the charm of this beautiful castle during holidays in Dordogne. This choice was not pure hasard, Sarah spent a lot of time in this region when she was a kid. She wanted her wedding place to be a part of their personal story. Then Chateau de la Cote was the perfect match for them.

As they live in London and they did not wanted to renounced to their dream of get married in France, they decided to give the wedding  organisation to a wedding planner, l’Egérie du bonheur who is used to celebrate wedding in France.

So flash back to early september to the Château de la Côte in Brantôme Dordogne. Even the weather perfect : a foggy morning and delicate sun in the afternoon for the outside ceremony and finishing with a golden sunset for couple session. What a beautiful day !

Everything was perfect, here is some extract of their story just below.

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