Anna & Robin, an intimate wedding in Hannover, Northern Germany

Anna and Robin wanted an intimate wedding. They have choosen their closet friend and family for that special occasion. Anna is Russian and Robin is a German guy. The wedding for them is to be with the person that you love and as not necessary so many people wich you cannot talk because there is too many people.

I joined them from the ceremony in the church a rainy afternoon of middle August.
In Germany it’s less commun than in France to have a wedding photographer taking pictures during the religious ceremony. Regarding to this I wasn’t allowed to move, even discreetly as I usually do on wedding ceremonies.

The father told me to stay seated on the bench and only get closer for their exchange of vows . This was so crazy for me to stay seated while I saw emotional moments everywhere in that place. Because my job is to capture it no matter what happens.

What I offer to a couple is the best of their wedding. I cannot do it so by staying at one point the entire ceremony. So I tried my best to get the prettiest pictures by moving to the back of the church just before the ceremony begins. Like this I capture the entire scenery and came back to the front for the exchange of rings.

For me memories matters and his is why I am a wedding photographer. Offering people the best photos of themselves is my philosophy.

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