Bricks, old doors, and peeling paint are some of my favorite textures for photography. Plus this environment can fit very well for a unique wedding or elopement reportage.

For me, it’s very inspirational. I really love the raw environment. They have interesting relief and material, you also working differently with the light because the shapes are different, more geometrical, less colored.

In Hamburg, I met Liv from Die Guten Tage, and Sarah from My Paper Love ; I really loved their universe. I really wanted to create something with them. As we have the same taste for old and powerful places, we talked about a project with industrial vibes and an elopement ceremony.

A few weeks later, after meeting and mood boards, the project was alive and ready to be shot.

As a wedding photographer, I love shooting love and emotions. So for this shooting, even if it was an editorial shooting, I wanted to have a real couple to feel this energy between them and tell a true story (because they really get married few months after this shooting).

Then these photos are like a real wedding day or an elopement. In the morning, while the bride was getting her hair and makeup done, Liv and Sarah were decorating the industrial wedding venue and I was shooting bride details like the wedding dress, rings, stationery, and the getting ready moment.

So this is the concept we wanted to create, something different something that can match with people who don’t like outdoors ceremonies but don’t want to get married in a church. For people who are in love with industrial vibes like us. For people who want something different. For you?

Go ahead and discover the spirit of this shooting and the whole team at the end. And tell me if you would love to have an elopement or wedding reportage like this one 🙂

This wedding blog did and shared it here : Industrial Wedding in Hamburg



The incredible wedding vendors :

Wedding Concept, Organisation & Styling: Die Guten Tage
Wedding Stationary, Organisation & Styling:
Wedding Dress : Hey Love Bridal Hamburg 
Hair&Make up: Verum In PictureSensai Beauty
Wedding Rings: Jan Spille Schmuck 
Flowers: Blumenmanufaktur Anna Barnstorf
Furnishing: Lounge Factory
Cakes & Cupcakes: Cherrylicious
Location: Studio Fena