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Let’s create your unique love / engagement session

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Common hobbies, the best ally for memorable love session

Did you already think of what links to people together, how they get to know each other? Recently I was asking myself the same question, and common hobby was on the top of my list with common relationship as well. I found common hobbies to be an interesting subject because they share this moment in the daily life and it revels the couple personality.

By doing some research I realized that most of the couple pictures I see, don’t show this complicity of sharing a moment like this. My pictures where the same, even if I am focusing on the couple itself and who they are, I think this wasn’t enough. We didn’t see enough of them, of who they truly are. That’s why I am trying to do with this session, something different to build couple stories.

Common hobbies can be the foundation for a lot of couples. People get to know each other this way and the hobby become a daily shared habits when they are together. But, on nowadays pictures I am missing this daily life approach, all this shared moment which create who the uniqueness of the couple.

Don’t follow others because you think it’s cool, be true to yourself it’s even better !   

Today every couple seems to like the mountains and wild adventures. Yes, nature is beautiful, yes I love nature a lot and love hiking with a couple to take pictures in wild nature. But some of you rather prefer city session (and it’s cool I love architecture as well), sports session, home session… we can be very creative on the topic. The session has to match with your couple habits. This is your photos, why you would like to have pics as you already seen on the internet? Let’s create something special and new for you!

That’s why I wanted to work on this aspect of the relationship. This way I really be able to personalize even more each session. Because is not about anyone else, it’s about you, your lover, your couple, your story. This matter. Very much. I love difference, same everywhere is boring.

The name of this new session is “Shared Lives”. If you want more informations about this kind of session, send me an email.

Discover just below some pictures of couple who dare to be theirselves by something different. Something that it really reveal their personality.

If you want to see more “Shared Lives” stories that I already done, and click on the reportage you want to see :

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